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“Global solution”
Kyowa provides a consistent stream of high value products, services and logistic support to customers around the world.
Even today, 70 years after our establishment, we still ask ourselves
“Do we have the products our customers want?”

We have developed customer-oriented products through a fusion of electronics, mechanics and chemicals.
Whether as parts or complete products, they are found in a wide range of sectors such as automobiles and consumer electrics. And the knowledge we have gained over the years is a key corporate resource.
“What should we do in the future?” Because of continuing technical evolution, globalization and a rapidly-changing world. We constantly ask ourselves this question. 
Our corporate mission is to refine the technologies we have nurtured in-house, develop and master new skills and new technologies, and continually create ourselves anew.
We have always stressed the product development process, succcesfully meeting the challenges posed by new business fields through products that are more stylish, faster and more convenient than ever, delivering greater customer sustifaction.
Welcome to the new Kyowa Kogyo for the 21st century
President Toyokatsu Yoneda
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