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Extensive product lineup items proposed appropriate to customer requirements.
Consider in detail all aspects of property.
Flexibility to customize
 Provide sample products to satisfy
 Customer satisfaction with quality assurance and delivery management

 Identifining new business potentials. We are constantly searching for new technologies
with potentials for the future.
 Presentation Presentations from a variety of angles, based on customer
specifications and visions.
 Understanding customer's needs Customer requirements are often complex, and we work to find
a solution that can address them completely.
 Product development Rapid development, and coordination of multiple manufactures
when required.
Evaluation of samples sanple products achieved through the cooperation of customer,
supplier and Kyowa, giving from to the customer's Dream.
Product improvement Continuous product evolution and refinement.
 Product follow-up Volume production with stable product quality.
Optimized lead time.
Rapid solutions for all customer needs
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