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Today, the world is facing with various challenges such as environmental destruction and pollution, population expansion and food shortage. Among those, food shortage requires an immediate attention. Environmental changes cause climate anomalies including desertification, heavy rainfall, dry weather, acid rain and ultraviolet ray increase, which affects growth of vegetables. Agricultural pesticides are another threat to our food safety.
Plant factories are not a threat to land based agriculture. Instead, they provide an artificial cultivation environment even at places where farming is impossible.
KYOWA and A.P.N Co.,Ltd has developed the Agricultural system business together.
Benefits for companies
  Enable the factory or shop space available.
  Work can be carried out by part-time workers or older workers.
  Faster start of the business is realised by apply our advanced cultivation systems
【Actual cultivation of plant factory】

【Cultivation process of Korean lettuce 】

Associated Company
A.P.N Co.,Ltd 
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